Book Review: Words of Smiths

words of smiths

words of smiths- by WizKonect

Author: Various
Language: English
Pages: 122
Price: Rs.200
Publisher: All About Books Global
ISBN Number: 9788192569017

Four liners happened to find their way in my notebook throughout my life. Their themes ranged from unrequited love- to crush and infatuations I lived through during my early teens and youth- to depressive notes of how life tested me at times. Thus-“ Words of Smiths” collaborated by WizKonect and published by All About Books Global- tele-ported me back to the days when live was simpler with little to jingle in my pockets.

I would like to specially mention of poems like “Four Foul- ups” by Sanhita Baruah,” The sane Insanity” by Sukant Dev, “Discovering Woman” by Dhanashri Kadam,  and “distant spaces” by Karan Patade. A poece of writing becomes quite endearing to a reader of he or she is able to connect with it. For me the same is truth as I write this review. Having crossed a good many decades of my life- I believe whatever above mentioned poet has to say is still true. The social evils, even as we bark over microphones across the city, still thrives. It feeds on our nonchalant behavior and bares it fangs in dark alleys and closed doors of shady neighbor hoods. Perhaps this is reason why the generation next comes out to protest so strongly through the angry strokes of their pen.

The solemn love poems on the other hand are mostly written by those who are yet to face the troubles of the world- I believe. I say this because their innocence, untraded feelings and amateurish demand for retribution are prominent in their simple spread of words.

Though there is one poem that does have a long lasting effect on my mind. I confess I do feel quite attached to the words from the poem “Rains are a delight forever!by Mohan Sanjeevan –

“Skies opened up suddenly

Clouds no longer able to

Hold back the water in their tummies

Downloaded long chains

Of rain-

Nature’s sky diving, unparachutted

Free falling Storm troopers!


Bathing everything in the open

Down below

Flora, fauna, buildings,

The soil all taking a joint bath!”


I feel, this year, monsoon will be best relished with these words ringing in my mind.

About the book:

WizKonect introduces “Wordsmith” – a national level poetry contest. First in its own kind, “Wordsmith” works towards bringing Indian poems and poets into limelight. The book “word of smiths” comprises of the best entries of this contest. In the dictionary, the most beautiful word, asides from God and love, is poetry. Poetry is beauty and beauty is endless, therefore, poetry is endlessly beautiful. Magical integration of words which pass on great feelings to the readers. Poetry in India has been emerging and has recently produced some fine performers. Its new and yes, it brings a new light with it. The words that flow out of heart, put down on a piece of paper, bring to you the pensive mood of a pondering mind. India is a land blessed with culture, spirit, literature, knowledge and a lot more.


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